Yoga for Depression

Thursday, October 25th | 9am Pacific

Yoga for Depression

An integrative approach to move through difficult emotions and build trust in yourself, on and off the mat.

Join this Free LIVE Workshop to discover:

  • How to identify symptoms of depression (even if you're not a fan of "labels"...this can be the first step in helping you or your loved ones heal) 
  • Second half of masterclass is a Live Q&A Session with Ashley - get your questions about Yoga. Psyche. Soul. online answered + have the opportunity to enroll for the course
  • Yoga Prescriptions to help you or your students process difficult emotions without judgment  
  • The #1 tool I recommend to help untie emotional knots, and get you back to a relaxed and centered state
  • Ayurvedic anecdotes to Depression
  • How to design a customized protocol for you or your students 

Thursday, October 25th | 9am Pacific

Why I'm Passionate About Yoga As a Tool for Healing

"I've been teaching yoga for more than 18 years. 

Personally, yoga lifted me out of my own great depression and healed my body image issues and low self-esteem.

These experiences inspired me to get my Master’s in Psychology, become a licensed psychotherapist and dedicate my life’s work to integrating yoga, meditation and depth psychology. 

In this workshop, I’ll share some of the most powerful tools I’ve learned to help you create new thought patterns, feel self-love and stay present in the moment.

Ashley Turner | Licensed Psychotherapist. Founder of Yoga. Psyche. Soul.

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