How to Set Healthy Boundaries

FREE 1 hr. Webinar with Ashley Turner, LMFT

How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 10:00 AM PT


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How to Set Healthy Boundaries

A yoga psychology approach to break free of co-dependency and reclaim your personal power

Join this FREE live workshop to discover:  

  • How to foster closeness and connection in your relationshipswithout sacrificing your physical, psychological and emotional independence
  • A simple framework to recognize where you may be giving your power away, so you can get back to balance
  • What it looks like to have clear and healthy boundaries with your loved ones
  • How emotional issues, addictions and the co-dependency can carry through families, and what you can do to break the cycle
  • Practical tips to help you trust your inner knowing – and stand in your power  


Ashley Turner, LMFT

I'm hosting this free webinar because I believe yoga is one of the most transformative practices we have to change lives. 

When I learn tools that improve your teaching, I always want to share them with you. 

I'm a Licensed Psychotherapist and have taught yoga for nearly 20 years. I'm the founder of Yoga.Psyche.Soul. ® – an innovative training fusing yoga, meditation, neuroscience, Depth Psychology and Shadow Work.

I've also been graced such lists as:

Top 100 Yoga Teachers in the U.S. ~ Sonima

• 100 Women in Wellness ~ MindBodyGreen

Top 100 Psychology Blogs ~ FeedSpot

Start taking your teaching and business to the next level. I hope you can join me!