VIP Mastermind Day for
Yoga + Wellness Entrepreneurs
Saturday, June 27



You're a soulful entrepreneur (or want to become one). You deserve to THRIVE!

You deserve to:

  • turn your passion into a serious profit
  • live your dharma (purpose) + get paid well for it
  • be in service, give back and feel inspired, fulfilled and joyful doing it have to BREAKTHROUGH the BELIEFS + BEHAVIORS holding you back!

Join Ashley Turner + special guest experts for a one day immersion to: 

  • Create an impactful 6 or 7-figure business
  • Nail down your clear business plan, short and long-term strategies
  • Accelerate your list growth from hundreds to tens of thousands
  • Become an industry leader + well-known expert  

Join our LIVE Mastermind Day for Yoga + Wellness Professionals!

What got you here...won't get you there. 

Get the Psychology, Soulful Shifts + Business Strategy you need to succeed.

  • Clarify your exact next steps and niche to eliminate overwhelm + stop spinning your wheels
  • Ensure that every aspect of your business is designed from the inside out (no more FOMO!)
  • Tackle your limiting beliefs, fear and insecurity head on (no more excuses!)
  • Get the proven strategy + systems to execute and reach your goals
  • Build a close-knit community of like-minded, ambitious, soulful entrepreneurs
Get your VIP Ticket for $97!

Every single problem in a business is a result of the Psychology at the top.

What's different about 'Soul + Strategy of Success'?

It's simple. My formula is equal parts Inner and Outer Work. 

Outer Results require Inner Work.

Strategy alone is not enough to succeed. Change begins (and ends) within. Most coaches and courses ignore the mindset shifts and psychology needed to uplevel.

What holds you back is not the lack of information (most of which you can google for free on internet). What holds you back is your insecurity, inner dialogue, limiting beliefs, stories and the resulting habits of procrastination, confusion and playing small.

The 2 primary obstacles sabotaging the success of most leaders are:  

  • LACK OF CLARITY – Overwhelm. Doing too much at once. Not clear on priorities, ROI + strategy.
  • LACK OF CONFIDENCE – Imposter syndrome. "I'm not good/creative/smart enough." "I'm not ready."  


You will not see results on the outside until you tackle the inside. Our Mastermind Day is split into 3-parts to cover the 'Trinity of Success'. Here's how it works: 

Trinity of Success

1 – ALIGN Soul of Success

Align with your deepest truth through a multi-dimensional yoga-meditation practice. When you anchor into Spirit, your unique definition of success, gifts + goals effortlessly reveal themselves.

2 – AIM Psychology of Success

Take aim. Clarify your target audience + core signature offering. We'll workshop your strategy live and in-person. 

  • What are your core values + priorities?
  • What do you need to let go of?
  • Where is your biggest ROI?
  • What stands in your way? 
  • BONUS: Hotseat Laser Coaching with Ashley!

3 – ACHIEVE Strategy of Success

I'm bringing you my A-Team! Learn from the experts behind some of today's most successful wellness and self-development gurus. Get proven strategy and systems to execute your goals. Soak up their wisdom in deep dive presentatons, our panel discussion and rapid-fire Q+A!


1. Soul of Success

Yoga • Meditation • Breathwork

Failure to succeed and follow through is a psychological and spiritual problem...not a strategic one.

Start your Mastermind Day by aligning with your 'True Self'. Clarify your definition of success and uncover your unique purpose (dharma), skills + talents. One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is comparing ourselves to colleagues and chasing other people's dreams. When we don't take the time to chart our course carefully, we get caught up in momentum or maintaining the status quo.

DREAM BIGGER! Tap into the unlimited potential, energy and vision of your Highest Self using the unparalleled technologies of yoga and meditation. When we align with our true nature – our insecurities and self-doubt dissolve and we harness a power greater than we could ever imagine – Spirit. 

When we open ourselves as a "vessel for Spirit" and recognize that EVERYTHING we do is in service...we take the pressure off ourselves to be perfect and have it all figured out. Instead, we amplify our efforts and gifts. We shift focus to our clients, how we can serve more and add more value. 

Success, ease and joy are natural by-products of aligning with Spirit and being in service. 


2. Psychology of Success

Mindset Mastery • Mindmap • Laser Coaching

I've seen countless clients (including myself) spend thousands of dollars on continuing education and fail to implement and create lasting change. Why? Because of their unconscious resistance.  

When I ask my students the #1 reason they fail to TAKE ACTION and FOLLOW THROUGH...the answer is unanimous: 

SELF-SABOTAGE (aka: Lack of Self-Confidence + Limiting Beliefs)

We all know the voices of self-doubt masquerading as excuses:

  • I'm not ready. 
  • I'm not good enough.
  • I don't have enough time. 
  • There are already too many people doing it. 
  • I'm not smart/creative/young/tech-savvy enough.
  • I'll do it when...(I lose 10 lbs, I pay off this debt, my kids are older, etc.)  

To slash self-sabotage, you need to uproot the unconscious core beliefs holding you back. This is not just coaching -- this is hardcore, effective Shadow Work.

WHO do you need to be to succeed?

I'm here to help you breakthrough your bullsh*t. 

PLUS: Get Hotseat Laser Coaching designed to blast through your money blocks, ancestral karmas, fear of failure/playing small and heal your upper limits around self-worth, success and leadership.

Over a decade in clinical psychotherapy practice has taught me that personal breakthroughs happen most effectively in an intimate, small group where you are witnessed and supported. Together, we will carefully decimate your "story" and leave with a clear strategy and customized psychological protocol to eradicate the voice of fear and insecurity once-and-for-all.


3. Strategy of Success

Guest Expert Deep Dives

I'm pulling back the curtain to share with you exactly how I built my business, the specific strategy we use to focus, avoid overwhelm, stay on track...AND...I'm bringing you my personal A-Team!  

These are the bad-ass ninjas running my business behind-the-scenes. Each one of them is an extremely talented member of Team Turner and an industry expert with the highest integrity, skill, and vision. 

Get ready for some solid gold with special guest experts drilling down on: 

  • building your list, social media + content creation
  • key analytics, metrics + KPI's
  • financial structures, strategies + systems you NEED to know!
  • PR, brand partnerships, collabs
  • how to launch an online course + more!

I'm honored to share their expertise with you. Prepare to be seriously inspired, take copious notes + blast off!

The Skinny Launch Formula

Destinee Berman Founder, Launch Your Calling

Scale your spiritual business. Learn how to bring your teachings online and fill your live events with Desinee's proven "Skinny Launch Formula". Get a step-by-step plan to create and launch a sought-after course. Destinee is the force behind some of today's top wellness gurus and the #1 reason my business is where it is. We're breaking it ALL down! PLUS: Get her Systems for Success to streamline your business.

Slay Your Business Finances 

Parker Stevenson Co-Founder, Evolved Finance

Diving into the details of your business finances is the #1 key to your success! So, how come so many of us AVOID it? Fast track your business growth with these essential tips, formulas + insights. Become the master of your P+L with these simple (necessary) steps. Parker is breaking down the key metrics to pay attention to and track monthly. PLUS: 'Must-haves' for choosing the right bookeeper + accountant.

How to Run Successful FB Ads

Tara Zirker
Founder, Successful Ads Club

Tara Zirker is an advertising expert who teaches business owners to rapidly scale through the power of Facebook ads. She is the founder of Successful Ads Club, a high-touch support platform where business owners receive step-by-step training to master their own lead generation. Her agency manages about $5 million per year in advertising budget.


Build Your GirlBoss Mastermind Tribe

All spiritual traditions recognize the power of community as essential to reach our highest potential. Why? We need support. And, we got you!

Leapfrog above the competition with shared resources, discoveries, and tools of the trade.

The goal of Soul + Strategy of Success is to accelerate your growth, offer you unparalleled support, keep you on track and hold you accountable. Celebrate your wins and share your frustrations. You are not alone. One of the greatest assets you'll leave with is a brand-new kula (community) of life-long, like-minded friends, collaborators and colleagues.

My mission is to help as many soulful entrepreneurs, lightworkers, yoga and wellness professionals as possible increase their income, impact and joy by building successful, sustainable, scalable businesses. Please invite your friends to share this powerful experience with you – send them this page now!

Connect at the live Mastermind and join our already rocking Successful Yoga-Wellness Entrepreneurs private FB Community.

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About Ashley Turner, LMFT

Ashley Turner is an yoga–meditation expert, Licensed Psychotherapist, writer, facilitator and entrepreneur.

She is the founder of Yoga.Psyche.Soul., an innovative Yoga Psychology training program for teachers, clinicians and dedicated students fusing yoga, depth psychology, mindfulness and neuroscience. YPS has fast become the go-to resource for evidence-based Yoga and Meditation for Mental Health.  

Ashley has graced such lists as:

  • 100 Women in Wellness to Watch ~ MindBodyGreen
  • 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers in the US – Sonima
  • Top 100 Psychotherapy Blogs – FeedSpot  

Ashley is a sought after speaker, facilitator and presenter at conferences and events worldwide. Her mission is to help yoga and wellness professionals turn their dreams into a reality by creating successful, sustainable, scalable businesses.

Through curated online courses and live trainings, Ashley has built Yoga.Psyche.Soul. into a multiple-six figure business in just four years.


A portion of your purchase will go to help refugee girls in Kenya.


Sustainable Trauma Recovery for Refugee Girls

We believe grassroots, community led efforts to heal trauma on the global level are the most effective. Yoga and meditation are proven to be some of the most effective tools to heal PTSD.

The OmPowerment Project provides trauma-informed yoga teacher trainings in refugee camps worldwide. 

Refugees have long benefited from yoga but access to the practice was dependent on volunteer availability. By empowering refugees to teach and lead themselves, this healing practice can continue regardless of volunteer skillsets and availability.

What would be possible if every refugee girl reached her fullest potential?  

OmPowerment will spend one week this year with RefuSHE – the first and only organization dedicated to unaccompanied refugee girls in Nairobi, Kenya. 

RefuSHE supports the girls with trauma-informed, psychosocial counseling. Unaccompanied girls face unique risk factors, including: sexual and physical abuse, marginalization, hostile living environments, domestic servitude, a higher risk of depression, PTSD, illiteracy, forced marriage/early pregnancy, Female Genital Mutilation and persecution from host communities. 

Young refugee women deserve the healing space to learn, grow, and ultimately lead. We are proud to support THE OMPOWERMENT PROJECT.

VIP Mastermind Day Saturday, June 27